We provide private client and commercial legal advice to the very highest standard.

We measure our success by the success of our clients or the level of their satisfaction with our services.

We strive to provide the best practical and effective advice to effect our client’s wishes and solve their problems.

We believe that the best Lawyers and Staff are enthusiastic, imaginative and creative and we take great care to recruit and invest in people who will deliver solutions as well as developing a relationship of respect, understanding and friendship that we share with clients.

You will always speak to a person, not an automated message which is common at larger firms or call centres. We offer a specialised service tailored to each individual’s requirements, backed by our local knowledge and technical expertise in our chosen fields of law.

We have an office where people take pride in their work and enjoy their relationships with clients and colleagues. We hope to have the opportunity of working with you.

The Reasons We Practise

To contribute to the betterment of society through service by assisting our commercial clients to be extremely successful and by helping our private clients enjoy a more fulfilling life while also helping those less fortunate than ourselves

W&H Fundamental Beliefs

1. To be a pioneering, innovative, entrepreneurial practice that does not follow others and does the type of legal work and legal work to higher standards than other legal practices do

2. To undertake the unequivocal pursuit of excellence in the way we provide our professional services to clients and the way that we complete our legal commissions – in other words to pursue excellence in all that we do.

3. To ensure everyone involved in our practice enjoys our endeavours.

4. To practice with integrity